Trisha’s story is a story of generational change.

Trisha was a high school dropout.  Her grandmother, who was a CWJC graduate, brought Trisha to CWJC to work on her GED.

Life happens.  Trisha is married and has two great children.  Off and on, Trisha worked on her GED with us and on her own.  Things finally came to a head when her job demanded that she have her GED.   With a family and a heavy work schedule, Trisha tried working on-line, but she was overwhelmed.  Trisha came back to the CWJC campus where she and a wonderful tutor worked together during Trisha’s lunch hour.  March 2nd, 2023, after 10 years, Trisha passed the final section of her GED.  On Sunday, April 16th, at the end of the morning service, Trisha’s church, Calvary Baptist Church, hosted a special graduation for her and Trisha walked the aisle to Pomp & Circumstance.

Trisha’s story is amazing.  She now works in the East Texas Council of Governments’ Operations Division.


Sandra completed another milestone when she received her citizenship in September, 2022.

Sandra is a beautiful picture of our entire Christian Women’s Job Corps program.  She began as an ESL student, worked with CWJC’s AZTEC on-line program, took classes in computer & graduated from Basic Life & Job Skills.  Sandra now is one of our top GED students.

Sandra handles the major role of translator for CWJC.  She presently translates for Citizenship classes, but her assistance goes far beyond that.  She helps translate and enroll new students and checks on students who have been absent or are having personal or family problems.  She and her oldest daughter translate CWJC’s written communication.  Although we test each of our entering students, that testing only gives us reading & writing levels.   Sandra helps evaluate a student’s abilities in listening and comprehension.

Sandra is an invaluable part of the CWJC team.  We also continue to rejoice with her and her husband over their children’s many accomplishments.  We are so proud to call Sandra one of our CWJC stars.