In 2020, as part of our adjusted (covid) programs, we organized Read With Me, especially targeting our ESL/ABE students.  Our goal was to keep our ESL students actively engaged with English, but also to help establish a pattern of reading in the home.

Since students have returned to on-campus classes, we have extended Read With Me to include all CWJC students. We have also continued to include some off-campus CWJC students.  We help students set reading goals and then provide them with books and reading materials. Students choose from several reading options, but we especially encourage them to read with children in their families.

Funding from grants allows us to purchase books, which students are allowed to keep. In 2023 we have 30 adult students who actively participated and an additional 38 children who read with a family member. This wonderful program has now become an annual event. Read With Me begins in April and ends in June.

Read With Me is also serving as an element of our fund raising.  We solicit multiple sponsors for each participating student. Donors give dollar amounts for each book or story a student reads or donors may make a general donation to Read With Me.  Not only does this help with the funding for CWJC of Rusk County, but it has allowed our students to have a way to give back to CWJC. We also love the wonderful response to this project by our community.  We would love for you to serve as a sponsor for one or more of our students.Read With Me is a true win-win event!