Ingrid Guevara came to CWJC for English help, to enable her to pass her driver’s license test. Not only did she pass her test, but she entered a career in heavy equipment and welding. Ingrid returned to prepare for U. S. citizenship, which she received in November 2016.


Ashley Benningfield Mason came from a background of drugs and abuse. She graduated from both Son Shine Lighthouse Ministries and from Christian Women’s Job Corps of Rusk County. Undergirded by her CWJC mentor and her church, Ashley graduated from Kilgore College and completed her 1st semester at U.T. Tyler.

In December 2016, she & her 2 children married Jeff Mason and his 4 daughters. Ashley, a recipient of both a Texas CWJC scholarship award and a national CWJC scholarship award, and has now completed degree at U.T. Tyler. The children of their new family have a high standard, as they follow in Ashley’s footsteps.