Student Artisan Business

Due to the difficulties of finding a job in our current economic conditions, we have developed a student artisan business. We provide women with the basic skills and beginning materials. Then we market their items to provide them with supplementary income. This is not for organizational income- all money generated goes directly to the artisans as a supplement for their incomes.

Our students artisan items are marketed through a local business, “Possibilities”, located in the Shelley Mraz building in downtown Henderson.

We also market through, a fair trade organization which markets items from ministries around the world. We are proud to be the first WorldCrafts artisan group in the U.S. Five of our items are now carried through WorldCrafts: Fruit of the Spirit bracelets, a Fruit of the Spirit necklace, Stones of New Jerusalem bracelet, beautiful Crystal Clear Clip-On Earrings, and Psalm 23 bracelet. Additional items are in the works.

   Tabitha’s Closet


Our Tabitha’s Closet is based on the bible story found in Acts 9:36-40. The women of a village were mourning the death of their friend, Tabitha. Tabitha had been a kind woman who shared clothing she made with the poor of her community. Peter came into the village and through prayer, God raised Tabitha from the dead.

CWJC’s Tabitha’s Closet began as a clothing closet for our students and graduates. Now it has expanded to provide a place where our ladies and teachers share skills in needle work and sewing in a warm environment of friendship. These ladies meet on Friday mornings.